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Revision Log

06/01/2020 Convert Score Forms to MethodGet to allow bookmarking
07/04/2018 Date Select in Leaderboard
06/26/2018 Guest Member Handling
06/12/2018 Overhaul of Score Display Options
06/07/2018 Tiebreakers checking enabled
05/30/2018 Course Handicaps Entry
05/16/2018 Logbook Display of MultiDay Tours
05/15/2018 Persistent Search Text Logbook
05/15/2018 Tour Selection in Logbook
05/12/2018 Tour Score
05/08/2018 As Of Date Change triggers Refresh
05/06/2018 As Of Date for Performers and Badges
04/31/2018 Handicap Index Display
04/30/2018 Search in Members Directory
04/29/2018 Preserve previous settings in Score Entry
04/27/2018 Mass Registration
04/25/2018 Score Badges
04/24/2018 Major Tour Tee Time Groupings
04/22/2018 Outstanding Performances
04/22/2018 Net Score Calculation
04/21/2018 Handicap Index Maintain enabled
04/10/2018 TeeTime Assignment enabled
04/08/2018 Confirm/Witdraw Registration, Admin initiated TTime Registration, Tag Major Tours
04/04/2018 Gallery of Members
04/03/2018 Member Profile
03/31/2018 Activated Forum, Google Logon
03/28/2018 Enabled SSL, Facebook Logon
03/25/2018 Gallery of Swings uploaded
03/25/2018 Score Single Entry pushed
03/21/2018 Scores display using bootstrap-table pushed. Score Entry work in progress.
03/21/2018 Started this running log.

To Do

  • Multiple Score Entry
  • ScoreCard Display
  • Email Notifications/Confirmations for TeeTime
  • Hook for GHIN posting and inquiry
  • Live tournament scoring
  • Performers: Low Net of the Week, Month, Season - Done
  • Gallery/Albums - Done
  • Discussion Board/Forum - Done
  • Looking for a FileStorage plugin - Done, thru Forum
  • Looking for a Marketplace plugin - Done, thru Forum
  • Extend login with FB, Google - Done

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