Maiden Win

Jerson wins Badjao Championship

May 27, 2023

Jerson Florencio emerged victorious
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Tales from the Short Grass

POGI Badjao Champioship

Jerson claims final bragging rights for the month of May

Jerson Florencio emerged victorious at the inaugural Badjao Golf Tournament organized by the POGI League. Held at the newly renovated Hendricks Field Golf Course, this tournament showcased the talent and skill of its members in a challenging yet enjoyable setting.

With a net score of 74, Jerson Florencio claimed the top spot, narrowly edging out Ed Mendoza, who also shot a net score of 74. However, Jerson secured the victory by virtue of a better score of par on the tiebreaker hole. The competition remained fierce until the end, with Dante Estrada finishing a close third with a net score of 75.

Hendricks Field Golf Course underwent a remarkable transformation recently, with a $5.2 million facelift that turned it into a champion-caliber facility. However, the redesign of some holes inadvertently affected the accuracy of the GPS watches used by the players, leading to incorrect yardages on several holes. Nonetheless, the members embraced the challenge and adapted to the situation, showcasing their adaptability and resilience on the course.

The course's rough proved to be particularly punishing, making accuracy and precision essential for a successful round. On tight holes, any errant drives would often result in lost balls, adding an extra layer of difficulty to the game. Despite these challenges, the members thoroughly enjoyed the course, appreciating its strategic layout and the test it presented to their skills.

The POGI League expressed their gratitude to Ralph for discovering this hidden gem of a course. The selection of Hendricks Field Golf Course proved to be a delightful surprise for the members, who were enthralled by its beauty and its ability to provide a challenging yet enjoyable golfing experience.

The tournament was expertly managed by Joey, who ensured that all aspects of the event ran smoothly. His meticulous planning and attention to detail contributed to the overall success of the tournament, allowing the players to focus on their game and fully enjoy the experience.

After the intense competition, the participants gathered at the nearby Pandan restaurant to celebrate and share in the camaraderie that golf often fosters. The post-game festivities featured a sumptuous spread, which turned out to be more than anticipated. The indulgence resulted in a surprisingly hefty bill, but the members were not deterred as the delicious food filled their appetites and served as a perfect ending to a memorable day on the greens.

In addition to the tournament results, special recognition was given to Ed Mendoza for achieving the closest to the pin, displaying exceptional accuracy and precision in his shot. Jess Bautista, on the other hand, showcased remarkable power and distance with his drive, securing the title of the longest drive. The title for Low Gross was shared by Jess Bautista and Alden Nacionales, both demonstrating remarkable talent by posting impressive scores of 86.

The first Badjao Golf Tournament organized by the POGI League at Hendricks Field Golf Course proved to be a resounding success. It highlighted the talent, competitiveness, and camaraderie among the members, while also showcasing the charm and challenges of the newly renovated course. With the bar set high, the POGI League eagerly anticipates future events that will continue to promote the love for the game and strengthen the bonds among its members.

The Official Results

Low Net Champion - Jerson Florencio, Gross 93, Net 74
Low Net 1st Runner Up - Ed Mendoza, Gross 87, Net 74
Low Net 2nd Runner Up - Dante Estrada, Gross 87, Net 75
Longest Drive - Jess Bautista
Closest to the Pin - Ed Mendoza

For complete scores see the Logbook
You can see our winners at the Podium

Scenes from the Tournament

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POGI Tumandok Memorial

Manny is the new POGI Alpha

The P.O.G.I. Golf League held its annual Memorial Golf tournament on May 14, 2023, and it was a great success. The tournament was held at Lakewood Country Club and saw some fantastic performances from the golfers.

Manny Domantay, who has a handicap of 14, emerged as the winner of the tournament with a score of 77. This was Manny's first POGI win, and it was a memorable one as he shot his lowest score ever. Manny had 10 pars and 2 birdies during the tournament, which was a remarkable feat.

Joey Alfonso was another golfer who performed well in the tournament. He shot a score of 78 and had 12 pars and 1 birdie. Jimbo Dela Cruz scored 87, and although it was not enough to win the tournament, he put up a great effort.

The tournament also had some exciting side events, such as the Closest to the Pin, which was won by Ralph Ferrer, and the Longest Drive, won by Dylan Adams. The birdie pool was won by Joel David, who had 4 birdies during the tournament.

The tournament also saw the addition of 2 new members. Dante Estrada, a perennial guest participant finally officially joined the league, and Andy Villarin, a former member who had been on a long hiatus, rejoined the league.

Former member Bong Mapa made an appearance at the tournament. Just the day before he was posting pictures in Facebook from Madrid. We miss Bong and we were very happy to see him.

The tournament was well-managed by Ralph Ferrer, and the event was a great opportunity for the members of the P.O.G.I Golf League to come together and enjoy their shared passion for golf. The event was a great success, and the golfers had a wonderful time competing against each other and enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the Lakewood Country Club.

Overall, the P.O.G.I Golf League's Memorial Golf tournament was a memorable event that showcased the skills of some exceptional golfers and provided an opportunity for the members to come together and enjoy their shared love of golf.

The Official Results

Low Net Champion - Manny Domantay, Gross 77, Net 68
Low Net 1st Runner Up - Joey Alfonso, Gross 78, Net 74
Low Net 2nd Runner Up - Jimbo Dela Cruz Gross 87, Net 76
Longest Drive - Dylan Adams
Closest to the Pin - Ralph Ferrer

For complete scores see the Logbook
You can see our winners at the Podium

Scenes from the Tournament

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