To be properly authenticated in our site.

  1. Your email address has to be 1 of 2 that are pre-registered as your membership logon Id. If you are unsure if this is the case, then please email Nestor at ngeslani@ and we will straighten it out.
  2. Once your email address is pre-registered, you can now register at the site. Click the register button on the upper right on the home page. The registration process will set your password and send you an email to verify your email. Go to your inbox and click on the link.
  3. Once verified, you can now logon. You know everything is good when you see Member + _yourFirstName in upper right after logon. If not, please do #1.
  4. Instead of 2 and 3 above if you have not yet registered, you could have clicked the Facebook or Google link if your registered email with any of those sites is the same email you will use with POGi. Just follow the instructions. What this will do is allow you later to logon by just clicking the Facebook or Google button. As long as you are already logged on with Facebook or Google, you will be logged on in our site. This is especially important to readily enter the forum/marketplace section using the same method.
  5. If you have already registered in our site with a password, you can also activate this social login (FB or Google). Logon using your email and password. Then click the Member link on upper right. Click the External Logins Link to add Facebook and or Google and just follow the directions.
  6. Conversely if you registered only with Facebook or Google but also want to be able to logon using email and password, Logon using FB or Google, click the Member link and click ProfilePassword  to setup this email and password logon. This is especially important because most corporate networks don’t allow Social Login
  7. The Forum/Marketplace section of our site is currently authenticated separately from our main site and currently require separate registration. This will change in the future and we will have a single unified signon. To readily navigate this section, also setup Facebook or Google login. Click the Register link in the Forum section to setup this up.  This will allow you to logon by just clicking a button. Once you are logged on, you remain logged on while you are logged on with FB or Goggle and you can readily navigate the entire site.