To Enter your Scores (as of this writing, it is the 2019 Memorial)
1. Go To
2. Select Scores/Single Entry
3. Make sure the following are true, but they should default:
 Score Date is 06/08/2019
 Member is yourself or another
 CourseId is Royce Brook - East
 Color is where you teed off from but should default to white
 Is this a Tour Event - should be checked by default, this is important
 Tour Name is 2019 Memorial but should default
4. Enter your hole scores and Save
5. Once Saved, the screen goes to the Logbook where your score and others are displayed
6. To Enter more scores, Select Record New Score and proceed as #3 above
7. To find out the Leaderboard, Select Scores/LeaderBoard
 Make sure Tour Selected is 2019 Memorial
8. To find out the current Podium Leaders, Select Scores/Podium Finishers
 Make sure Tour Selected is 2019 Memorial